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Issachar Discipleship is dedicated to helping New Yorkers in need. 

our vision

We aim to help as many individuals and families as possible In New York, by providing them with appropriate and beneficial resources.

our mission

Issachar Discipleship seeks to uphold the dignity of each person, assisting them in getting the help they need and standing with them as they get back on their feet.

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Donating to various organizations can be accomplished quickly and easily with a credit card, debit card, or online payment service like PayPal. Donate what you can to aid people in need.

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to improve the lives in the community

Issachar Discipleship helps to rebuild and touch the lives of each person 
that is in need of help. Serving with compassion, we help our neighbors 
as we would like to be helped, serving the community with compassion and pride.

+1 (516) 884-6226

call us for any questions!

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Volunteers scooping the food to share with the needy : concept of providing free food to homeless people.
Volunteers Share Food to the Poor to Relieve Hunger: Charity concept
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Helping the community
with compassion

helping people with disabilities

Disabilities come in many forms, both visible and invisible. We offer a network of specialized disability support services to help individuals and families adjust to their disabilities.

sheltering the homeless

Your contribution will go toward providing shelter and other forms of assistance to homeless youth who are currently experiencing homelessness.

supporting families in crises

Your contributions will be of great assistance to the families that are in critical need of financial assistance, clothing, or food supplies.

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Address Bronx, New York 10462

Our Activity

What We Do

Issachar Discipleship of New York seeks to uphold the dignity of each person that Seeks help, providing the resources they need!

assisting the disabled
people disabilities

Disabilities come in many forms both visible and invisible, we offer a network of specialized disability support services…

sheltering the homeless

There’s nothing more Scary or Stressful, than not having a place to live – and more people are homeless than ever before…

supporting the families in crises

Individual or families in Crisis often feels hopeless, and Don’t know where to turn for guidance and Support.
At Issachar Discipleship, Inc…

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Have A Question?

Donations made directly to our charity pages may not always appear on our website, but be assured that all of your contributions have been delivered to the needy. Don’t worry if you have any doubts that your contribution has been received; just contact us.

Among New York’s many reliable charity organizations, Issachar Discipleship stands out as one of the most dependable. We set ourselves apart by hand-delivering and verifying that your contributions go to those in need.

You can become a volunteer of Issachar Discipleship by getting in touch with us via e-mail, giving us a call, or coming into our office in person.