what we do

Issachar Discipleship Inc. is an important organization which provides a channel for your charitable contributions to be sent to those who truly need them, which includes disabled, homeless, and poor individuals and families. 

Assisting the Disabled

Disabilities come in many forms, both visible and invisible. We offer a network of specialized disability support services to help individuals and families adjust to their disabilities.

sheltering the homeless

There is nothing more scary or stressful than not having a place to live – and more people are homeless now, than ever before. At Issachar Discipleship, Inc. We are dedicated to helping the homeless with a variety of services that offer both safety and shelter.

Supporting families in crises

Individuals and families in crisis often feel hopeless, and are unsure of where to turn for guidance and support. At Issachar Discipleship, Inc. we provide accurate and timely resource information to individuals and families.